Christian Fly was born on February 16, 1982 to a 17 year old mother single mother still in high school. And a working father who was twenty-one. He is the secondest oldest out of 5 siblings. Two younger brothers and 3 sisters. By the time 1990 christian fly had been dealing with an untold molestion and in 90 he lost his father from a pcp overdose. After his father died he became very disruptive in school. His mother would eventually send him to live with his grandmother in savannah, georgia. When staying in savannah christian fly had joined Missionary Baptist Church got baptized and sung in the choir by the time he reached 19 fly have been through boot camps boys homes emotional abuse bullying depression and a suicide attempts and facing his first felony as an adult. After 3 convictions over a 12 year period christian fly rededicated his life back to christ shortly before he served all his time. After his release he found a church home in celebration christian retreat and worship center fly wrote his first christian hip hop song in june 2016 and has been working ever since to delevope himself as an gospel artist. Christian Fly has performed for Mary L Kelly Center twice once for Thanksgiving and once for Christmas His moto is "For God I Live For God I Die" based off of Acts 20:24 and says when he writes his music he always keeps in mind 1 Thessalonians 2:14  He called you to this through our gospel, that you might share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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D.L.I.D. stands for Do Live In Direct, this group started in February of 2016 in Kansas City Missouri, with Jessie and Iisha Vassie. Jessie V. is the rapper and I.V. is a singer and rapper but do more singing than rap. Jessie V. was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri I.V. as well. These two didn't start off doing gospel music they were into the world and of it before they became a follow of Christ. The tow started in the house of worship but strayed away because they thought that they were pushed or forced to go. But after going through things and seeing how it is with out the Lords help their mind frames changed. D.L.I.D. has done shows all over the U.S. and is also well known through there home town Kansas City Missouri. There name came from them being in tuned with the direct source of life and that's God, God has kept the two even while the were not following like the should. D.L.I.D. has won awards and have been in all kinds of events that are to glorify the Lord. D.L.I.D. has an EP out now as we speak call Blessings In The Storm that has won awards and is on all types of airplay. God has really been putting blessing in these two life sense they have made a change and stood up.

Created by Jessie V.